In Preparation

Jill waited for a moment, looking around the room. It was just an ordinary room in an ordinary house. The furniture was not especially noticeable or memorable. It was neat, clean, tidy. It could be any one of any number of houses in any town in the UK.

But she was here now and she knew what she had to do.

She looked around one last time, even thought she was not sure what she was looking for.

Then she took a few steps closer to the sofa. She took off her long leather coat and draped it neatly across the back of the sofa.

She kicked off her black high heels and stood there for a moment in her stockinged feet on the bare wooden floor. She took a couple of steps and stood on the rug.

There was a mirror over the mantelpiece. She looked at her reflection in it and tidied a few stray hairs. She smiled at herself. ‘Well, here goes,’ she whispered to her reflection under her breath.

She turned back to the sofa and unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off, folding it and lying it down carefully on the sofa. She did the same with her skirt.

Underneath she was wearing plain black underwear. She shrugged off the bra and then – after a moment’s hesitation – the knickers.

As instructed, she left the stockings and the suspender belt on.

She stood there in the centre of the rug with her back to the fireplace waiting, hoping he would arrive soon, but wondering what would happen when he did.

Where Fingers Go

My hand moved slowly down her neck, over her shoulder and down over her naked body between her breasts. As my fingers stroked across her stomach Sonia shivered and flinched.

My fingers stopped, less than an inch above her pubic hair. I lifted her chin with my other hand. I looked at her eyes until the lids lifted and she looked back at me. The tips of my fingers moved lower, brushing through what little pubic hair was there.

‘I can remove the rest…if that is what you want?’ Her voice was low, quiet, soft. My finger moved lower, almost touching her slit. I paused there, still watching her eyes.

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘That will be acceptable. My middle finger moved down as I parted her lips with the other fingers of that hand. My other hand, still holding her chin brought her face to mine. I kissed those lips, while my fingers explored those other, lower, lips. She was warm, wet, both in her mouth and further down. I kissed her, my tongue exploring her mouth as my finger; soon joined by one more explored her too.

I could feel Sonia trying not to move as my fingers eased in and out and around. My fingers moved in deep, as far as they could go and the palm of my hand was hard against her pubic mound. I took a step back.

I smiled when I felt her pressing back, hard against my hand. Her mouth was open now; her eyes closed and head arching back. She muttered something under her breath.

‘What did you say?’

‘Fuck me,’ she said.

‘No.’ My fingers, my hand, stopped moving. ‘That is something for me to decide, not you.’

Happy Birthday

She knelt, naked and blindfolded, on her hands and knees in front of me. I stood for a moment in front of her, looking down at her. Her head moved at the sound of my movements, the rustle of my clothes, trying to locate me. I crouched down in front of her and took her chin between my fingers, lifting her head up.

‘Happy birthday, Donna,’ I said and kissed her lips, parting them with the tip of my tongue. I nibbled her lips, kissed the tip of her nose and then stood up.

I strolled around behind her and again stood for a moment, looking down on her, admiring the curve of her arse.

With the toe of my shoe I pushed her legs open a little wider; first her right leg, then the left. I knelt down between her legs. Leaning forward, I stroked my fingers down the bottom of her spine, down through the crack of her arse. My hand stroked over her anus and down between the parting, and already damp, lips and cupped her mound in the palm of my hand as my thumb slipped inside her to stroke her g-spot. Donna pushed herself back against my hand, edging my thumb deeper inside her. I heard her catch her breath. I got back to my feet, letting my thumb slide out of her.

I walked back around to her head, reaching into my pocket for the first of the clothes-pegs.

Out Walking

I took her out to the riverbank. There, I turned to face her.

I nodded.

She looked down at her clothes. Her hand hesitated on the first of the fastened buttons between her breasts. She looked back up at me.

I folded my arms.

Gina kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning the dress. It had a few buttons. Then when they were all open, she risked another look up at me.

I waited.

She wore no underwear, of course. I’d seen to that before we left.

The dress was all she had, apart from her collar, of course. Moments later the dress lay pooled around her feet.

Her hands almost moved to cover herself. Her one leg almost crossing in front of the other to cover herself, but she knew better than that now.

She stood naked and waiting. The cool breeze blowing from the river hardened her nipples. I could see the beginning of goose pimples.

She shivered, then she smiled, relaxing.

I held out my hand and she gave me the dress.

I shoved the bunched- up dress into the bag and pulled out her lead.

I gestured up the riverbank. ‘Walkies,’ I said.

Gina bounded over to me as happy as a puppy, kneeling at my feet so I could attach her lead.

I looked down at her, kneeling in front of me. My hand strayed to my zip. But there would be time for that… and more, much more… later.

I turned, gave a tug on the lead and we started walking, me in front, Gina, naked on her lead following me as we walked off into the new world I was creating for her.

Waiting to Begin

I let my hand fall from her face. Stroking down her neck and feeling the warmth of her skin. She glanced up at me; then bent her head to kiss the palm of my hand as my fingers rested on her shoulder.

I took a step back, letting my hand fall to my side.

Gina kicked off her shoes and then pulled her shirt open from the bottom. Each press stud button clicking open as she pulled the sides apart. She let the shirt fall to the floor. She reached around to unzip her skirt, stepping back and kicking it away from her feet when it pooled around them. It landed on top of the shirt.

She stood in bra and knickers only, looking at me.

‘And the rest,’ I said.

Gina reached behind, then the bra fell down her arms. She un-looped it and threw it to land on the dress and shirt.

She hesitated, glancing at me again from under her lowered eyelids.

I stood, waiting and saying nothing, knowing this was how she wanted it.

Gina bit her lip.

I stood legs apart and clasped my hands behind my back, not taking my eyes from her. Eventually, she lowered the knickers and then threw them too onto the heap.

Gina half-attempted to cover herself with her hands; then glanced up to see me watching her. She let her arms fall. Her one foot twisted and the leg crept in front of the other. I shook my head and she tried to will herself to relax.

I waited.

Eventually, after a minute or so of watching her nervous awkwardness, I could see she was ready to move on to the next stage.

‘Come here,’ I said.

And she did.

Already Mine

She stood, waiting. She was naked, of course, as I’d told her to be. Her hands were behind her back, one clasped around the wrist of the other. She looked down at her feet when she heard me enter the room.

I did not speak, just walked up to her, then around her, coming back to stand in front of her. Her eyes flickered, but she remembered not to look up. I let one finger trace down the centre line of her body, from the base of her neck down over her stomach, her navel and down.

She had shaved and her skin was smooth and soft, warm under my touch, fluttering under the touch of my fingertip. She tensed, and I heard her swallow as my finger slipped between the already-moistening lips. I let it linger there for a moment, until she pressed herself against my hand.

I moved my hand away and took a step back, watching her.

Still, she did not look up or move.

‘Good.’ I said and turned away, to the table.

The items were there on the table when she’d walked into the room. The table was right in front of her, so she could see everything on it as she undressed.

I took the leather wrists cuffs and moved around behind her. She held out her wrists as though eager for me to shackle them.

Once that was done I strolled back to the table and picked up the collar and its lock with the key still in it.

‘Look at me.’

She looked up.

I held the collar up for her to see, the bright brass lock glinting in the sunlight through the patio doors. ‘Once this goes on, it does not come off. Once you wear this, you will be mine. Do you understand?’

‘I understand.’ She nodded. ‘But I am already yours.’ She lowered her head slightly, but stretched out her neck, waiting and ready for me to collar her.

She is Owned

I took her by the lead and led her out of the car park and along the path towards the woods. She was wearing black high-heeled shoes and stockings under the long black mac, which I’d left open to blow in the breeze. She had on her leather collar, attached to the other end of the lead and the leather cuffs around each wrist, which bound her hands together behind her back. Apart from that, she was naked.

It was summer, late in the evening. It was still warm but the heat had long since left the day and the sky was growing darker.

Mine was the only car in the car park and I did not expect to meet anyone. That was not the point, although, I had not told her that. She did not seem nervous or worried though and walked along behind me as she’d learnt to do back inside.

This was her first trip outside since she’d become mine and now her walk was different, she strode along behind me as tough proud of her new status, of her new belonging. She was owned and revelling in it.

Once in the woods, walking the path, it grew colder. Looking back I could see her nipples had hardened and there were fine goose pimples spreading over the naked flesh of her body.

I stopped on the path, letting her take the few final steps that separated us. With my free hand I took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger squeezing it. I saw her lips part and her eyes half-close. My hand stroked down over her flat stomach, past her navel, down over the shaved flesh, my finger easing down between the warm damp parting lips.

My finger slipped inside her easily. ‘You are mine,’ I said.

‘I am your Fuck Toy,’ she replied.

I kissed her forehead as she looked down at the ground between us. I tugged her lead, making her raise her head. I kissed her lips as my finger moved in and out of her.

‘I am yours,’ she said.

I eased my finger out slowly, licking it and then turned her around away from me and unfastened her wrist restraints. Then I pulled her unfastened coat from her shoulders before making her turn back to face me.

Now she wore just the shoes, stockings and her collar.

I gave her the coat and she folded it. She held it out to me, a neat tidy square resting on her upraised palms. I took the bag from my shoulder and put the coat in it.

I turned her again and refastened her cuffs. Then I turned her back, took up her lead and carried on walking.

Soon we could here the water flowing over the rocks as it filled the pool that lay in the clearing. I found a place in the clearing where the last of the sun warmed the soft grass underfoot. I put the bag down.


She knelt, opening he thighs so I could stand between them. Her forehead rested against my trousers where the erection tightened them. I pulled down the zip, letting my cock fall out in front of her. She kissed the tip, already moist, opening her lips as I eased it into the warm of her welcoming mouth.


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